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We offer both services and machines


We build and supply test equipment that ensures highest quality in plastics. We also supply high end UTM solutions and dynamic testers is offered, applicable for plastics, texstiles, metals and various propterties that requires quality and verification test.


Sustainable water security.

Over the last fifty years, the world’s population has increased more than two-and-half times to about 6.4 billion. At the same time, the demand for fresh water went up four times. According to the prediction of the Nations Environment Programme Report, at this rate, up to 7 billion people in sixty countries may suffer from water scarcity by year 2050. We make pipes work.

The smartest way to make your product approvals

Facilitating test institutes in plastics globally
Preserving our water ressources

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in the market"

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30 years of global experience with plastics, engineering, marketing, B2B sales and financing.

Our Story

Water is precious, let us be careful how we preserve, distribute and use it

We offer only the best test solutions in our field

Our Vision

Leading engineering and unique technical solutions, only the best is good enough

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Tel: +45 40510278

Prins Knuds vej 7,

8240  Risskov, DK

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